You will love our complete list of Facebook symbols! ٩(●̮̃•)۶ Browse through the all Facebook symbols and discover your favorites; you can add them to your Facebook status updates and comments. In fact, bookmark the page so your favorite symbols are always at hand!

Using the symbols is easy! Simply select a Facebook symbol and copy and paste it right into comments on Facebook or on your timeline wall. You’ll ramp up the interest level of all your posts and family and friends will love to see these fun symbols each time you say something new! Watch your comment threads increase as you customize your posts with this exciting collection of Facebook Emoji symbols!

New Emoji

Icon NameCode
Airplane symbolAirplane
Sailboat symbolSailboat
Speedboat emoji for FacebookSpeedboat
Ship symbolShip
Train symbolTrain
High-speed train emojiSpeed train
Station emojiStation
Tram car emoticonTram
Fire truck emojiFire truck
Ambulance symbolAmbulance
Police car emojiPolice
Taxi symbolTaxi
Facebook truck symbolTruck
Automobile symbolBlue car
Car symbolRed car
Bus symbolBus
Facebook bus stop symbolBus stop
Ticket symbolTicket
Traffic lights symbolTraffic light
Bicycle symbolBicycle
Rocket emojiRocket
Fuel pump emojiFuel pump
Fountain for Facebook statusFountain
Tent symbolTent
House symbolHouse
House emoji with gardenCountryside
Hotel symbolHotel
Love hotelLove hotel
School symbolSchool
Office buildingOffice
Department store symbolMall
Convenience storeStore
Bank symbolBank
Factory symbolFactory
Hospital for FacebookHospital
Church symbolChurch
Wedding symbolWedding
Japanese castle emojiJapan style
Japanese emoji symbolBuilding
Statue of liberty emojiStatue of L.
Tower in TokyoTower
Ferris wheel symbolFerris wheel
Roller coaster - Facebook EmojiRoller c.
Mount FujiMountain
Sunrise iconSunrise
Dawn emoticonDawn
Night with starsStarry night
Rainbow symbolRainbow
Trident symbolTrident
Gem EmojiGem stone
Diamond EmojiDiamond
Orange diamond symbolOrange jewel
Blue diamond for FacebookBlue jewel
Light bulb onLight bulb
Hammer symbolHammer
Paint palettePalette
Barber poleBarber pole
ATM symbolATM
Yen EmojiYen
Dollar signDollar bill
Dollar symbol for FacebookDollar sig
Money bagMoney bag
Cigarette symbolCigarette
Bomb symbolBomb
Revolver emoticonPistol
Pill - Facebook symbolPill
Toilet symbol for FacebookToilet
Bath symbolBath
Icon NameCode
Soccer symbolSoccer ball
Baseball symbolBaseball
Basketball on FacebookBasketball
Football symbolFootball
Tennis EmojiTennis ball
Target symbolsBullseye
Golf symbolGolf hole
Skiing symbolSkis
Crossed flags for FacebookFlags
Finnish lineFinnish
Trophy symbolTrophy
Facebook bikiniBikini
High heelsHigh heels
Sandals for womenSandal
Boots EmojiBoots
Dress symbolDress
Hat for womenWomans hat
Crown for FacebookCrown
Lipstick symbolLipstick
Facebook ringRing
Briefcase symbolBriefcase
Shirt icon for FacebookT-shirt
Tie symbolTie
High hat for FacebookTop hat
Ribbon symbolRibbon
FB KimonoKimono
Umbrella symbol for FBUmbrella
Rain droplet icon for FacebookDroplet
Bottle symbolBottle
Beer for FacebookClinking
Food plateFood pot
Cup of teaTeacup
Cooking symbolCooking
Spaghetti symbolSpaghetti
Shaved ice symbolShaved ice
Ice cream symbolIce cream
Frying pan for FacebookFrying pan
French fries on FacebookFrench fries
Fork and knife symbolsUtensils
Bread loafBread
School satchelSchool bag
Magifying glassMagifying
Book symbolOpen book
Memo sign for FacebookMemo
Postbox symbolPostbox
Raised flag mailboxFull mailbox
Envelope symbolEnvelope
Mail envelopeSending mail
Incoming mail symbolIncoming
Scissors for FacebookScissors
Speaker symbolSpeaker
Telephone symbolTelephone
Fax symbolFax
Radio iconRadio
How make camera icon on FacebookCamera
FB movie cameraMovie cam.
Floppy disk Facebook iconFloppy disk
Satellite dishSatellite
Key icon for FacebookKey
Lock and a keyLocked
Opened lockOpen lock
Icon NameCode
No entry Facebook signNo entry
Warning iconWarning
Hot plateHot plate
Construction road signConstruction
No under 18 symbolNo under 18
No smoking symbolNo smoking
Vibration mode bell signSound off
Mobile off signMobile off
Antenna signalSignal
Guitar for FacebookGuitar
Trumpet signTrumpet
Facebook saxophone iconSaxophone
Microphone for FacebookMicrophone
Megaphone iconMegaphone
Facebook HeadphonesHeadphones
Chart symbolChart line
Mask iconMasks
Cinema iconFilm
VS symbolVS
Up signUP!
Cool symbolCOOL
Curly loopsCurly loops
WC symbol - Facebook iconWC
Man and woman figuresCouple
Mens symbolMan figure
Womens symbolWoman
Child iconChild
Badge for beginnerBadge
Heart suit for FacebookHearts
Diamond suitDiamonds
Red exclamation markExclamation1
White exclamation mark Facebook symbolExclamation2
Exclamation pointExclamation3
Question symbolQuestion m.
Multiplication signMultiplication
Cross signCross sign
Cross mark symbolCross mark
White Facebook starWhite star
Snowflake symbolGray star
Snowflake EmojiSnowflake
Red circle symbolRed Circle
White circle emojiWhite circle
Square symbolSquare
Own Emoji"To own"
Month symbol"Month"
Free symbols"Free"
Katakana Koko Emoji"Here"
Have nothing"Nothing"
Full Emoji meaning"Full"
Finger point Emoji"Finger point"
Available Emoji"Available"
Work symbol"Work"
Secret Facebook symbols"Secret"
Good bargain"bargain"
Congratulation symbol"Congrats"
Sale symbol"Sale"
Request Emoji"Request"
Mahjong tile symbolsMahjong tile
Upwards arrowUpwards
Downwards arrowDownwards
Leftwards arrowLeftwards
Rightwards arrowRightwards
North west symbolNorthwest
North east symbolNortheast
Soutwest arrowSoutheast
South west symbolSouthwest
Arrow pointing up rightUp right
Arrow pointing down rightDown right

Facebook Emoji Symbols

Icon NameCode
Coffee cup emoji symbolCoffee
Facebook sun symbolSun
Snowman symbolSnowman
Facebook cloud symbolCloud
Umbrella symbolUmbrella
Lightning SymbolLightning
Stars symbolStars
Fire Facebook symbolFire
Droplets SymbolDroplets
Footprints symbolFootprints
Moon symbol for FacebookMoon
Ghost Facebook symbolGhost
Pumpkin symbolPumpkin
Skull symbol for FacebookSkull
Graduation Hat EmojiGraduation
Balloon symbolBalloon
Anger Facebook symbolAnger
Wind symbolWind
Wave symbolWave
Carp streamers emojiStreamers
Icon NameCode
Lip Mark SymbolLip mark
Lips Facebook symbolLips
Star Facebook symbolStar
Facebook music symbolMusic note
Music notes symbolMusic notes
Zzz SymbolZzz
Bell symbol for FacebookBell
Seashell symbolSeashell
Present symbolPresent
Green monster symbolMonster
Party Popper emojiParty popper
Nail polish symbolNail polish
Ear symbolEar
Nose symbolNose
Eyes Facebook symbolEyes
TV Facebook symbolTV
PC symbolPC
Smartphone Facebook emojiSmartphone
CD symbolCD
Phone symbolPhone
Icon NameCode
Cherry BlossomBlossom
Facebook rose symbolRose
Tulip symbolTulip
Sunflower symbol for FacebookSunflower
Hibiscus SymbolHibiscus
Seedling SymbolSeedling
Bouquet symbolBouquet
Christmas tree symbolChristmas
Palm SymbolPalm
Facebook cactus symbolCactus
Clover symbolClover
Maple leaf symbolMaple leaf
Fallen leaf symbol for FacebookFallen leaf
Fluttering leafLeaf
Strawberry symbolStrawberry
Orange symbolOrange
Red apple symbolApple
Hamburger symbol for Facebook chat, status and commentsHamburger
Beer symbolBeer
Cocktail glass symbolCocktail

Heart symbols

Icon Name Code
Red heart symbolRed heart
Pink heart for FacebookPink heart
Broken heart emojiBroken heart
Arrow heart emojiArrow
White heart EmojiWhite heart
Icon Name Code
Blue heart iconBlue heart
Green heart symbolGreen heart
Yellow heart symbolYellow heart
Purple heart symbolPurple heart
Revolving heartsSpinning
Icon Name Code
Cool heart iconFuzzy
Triple heart symbolTriple
Gift heart symbolGift
Sparkling heart emoji iconSparkling
Love letter iconLove letter

Emoji hand gestures

Icon Name Code
Peace fingers symbolPeace
Dislike symbol for Facebook status and commentsDislike
Fist SymbolFist
Muscle arm
Index finger
Icon Name Code
A-ok symbol for FacebookOK
Clapping hands symbolClapping
Open hand symbolHigh five
Clenched fist symbol for FacebookClenched fist
Two hands
Icon Name Code
Finger pointing up emoji symbolUp
Finger pointing down emojiDown
Index finger symbolRight
Finger pointing left symbolLeft
Waving hand

Emoji smileys

Icon NameCode
Emoji emoticon in loveIn love
Emoticon blowing a kissKiss
Kissing emoticonKissing
Facebook Blush EmoticonBlushing
Unamused EmoticonUnamused
Winking EmoticonWinking
Tongue Out EmoticonTongue out
Tongue out and winking emoticonTongue wink
Smirking smiley for FacebookSmirking
Facebook smiling faceSmiling
Big smile with closed eyesBig smile
Icon Name Code
Angry face emoticon for FacebookAngry
Tears smiley - Facebook EmoticonTears
Sad face Emoji symbolSad face
Dizzy emoticonDizzy
Disappointed emoticonDisappointed
Fear emojiFearful
Scared EmoticonScared
Emoji emoticon screaming in fearScreaming
Cold sweat smileyCold sweat
Crying emoticonCrying
Medic emoticonMedic
Big Grin EmoticonBig grin
Astonished Facebook SmileyAstonished
Shocked emoticon with eyes wide openShocked
Red Angry EmoticonMad
Emoticon crying tears of joyTears of joy
Relieved smileyRelieved
Sleepy smileySleepy
Satisfied smileySatisfied
Happy Facebook smiley blushingBlushing
Purple devil Facebook symbolDevilish
Alien symbolAlien

Emoji people

Icon Name Code
Guardsman symbolGuardsman
Man with turban symbolTurban
Santa Claus symbolSanta
Policeman symbolPoliceman
Construction worker symbolHard hat
Princess symbolPrincess
Blonde girl symbolBlonde
Icon Name Code
Dancer symbolDancer
Playboy bunny symbolBunny ears
Seamed cap symbolBeanie cap
Angel symbolAngel
Couple symbolLove couple
Boy and girl holding handsBoy & girl
Man and woman holding handsMan&woman
Icon Name Code
Baby symbolBaby
Girl symbol for FacebookGirl
Boy symbol for FacebookBoy
Woman symbolWoman
Man symbolMan
Older woman symbolGranny
Older man symbolGrandpa

Emoji animals

Icon Name Code
Puppy SymbolPuppy
Teddy Bear SymbolTeddy
Monkey FaceMonkey face
Mouse SymbolMouse
Hamster SymbolHamster
Tiger symbolTiger
Horse faceHorse face
Pig symbolPiggy
Cat symbolCat
Bunny symbolBunny
Poodle symbolPoodle
Icon Name Code
Wolf symbolWolf
Sheep symbolSheep
Penguin emojiPenguin
Koala symbolKoala
Cow symbolCow
Wild boar symbolWild boar
Chicken symbolChicken
Yellow ChickYellow chick
Bird symbolBlue bird
Elephant symbolElephant
Horse symbolHorse
Icon Name Code
Monkey symbolMonkey
Camel symbolCamel
Octopus emojiOctopus
Emoji dolphin symbolDolphin
Whale symbolWhale
Fish symbolFish
Tropical Fish Emoji SymbolTropical fish
Blowfish emoji symbolBlowfish
Frog FaceFrog
Snake symbolSnake
Bug symbolSnail

Standard Facebook Emoticons (2015)

Icon Name Code
Facebook smiley faceSmiley face
Big smile emoticon for Facebook status, comments and chatBig smile
Facebook sad smileyFrown
Facebook cry smileyCrying
Smiley with tongue outTongue out
Angel smiley for FacebookAngel
Facebook devil smileyEvil
Facebook confused emoticon - WTF SmileyConfused
Facebook wink smileyWink
Icon Name Code
Facebook unsure emoticonUnsure
Facebook angry smileyAngry
Facebook mean emoticonMean
Facebook gasping smileySurprised
Facebook squint smileySquint
Facebook kiss smileyKiss
Cheerful emoticon for FacebookCheerful
Glasses smiley for FacebookGlasses
Facebook sunglasses emoticonSunglasses
Icon Name Code
Facebook Grumpy SmileyGrumpy
Facebook Pacman SymbolPacman
Facebook curly lips emoticonCurly lips
Thumb Up (y) like Facebook emoticonThumb up
Facebook penguin emoticonPenguin
Facebook shark emoticonShark
Robot Facebook emoticonRobot
Facebook poop emoticonPoop
Facebook Chris Putnam emoticonPutnam


We have the largest collection of cool Facebook Emoji icons and symbols on the internet! We wanted to create a large number of symbols so you can always find one to express exactly what you want to say or how you feel. Share thoughts and feelings with your pals and use our symbols and emoticons to perfectly express your emotions in a way that words simply can’t convey! The symbols allow you to imaginatively create customizable posts that will be visible to everyone who follows you on Facebook. Far more than merely a popular trend; emoticons and symbols allow you a visually stylish way to communicate on Facebook so you can share thoughts and feelings with friends and tell your loved ones what you are really thinking and feeling with each new update! We have smileys, signs, weather symbols, flower symbols, love symbols, and so many expressive emoticons that will enrich your posts and help you demonstrate all the different emotions you feel.

How to send Emoji on Facebook?

To post Emoji in your Facebook status, comments and chat messages, all you have to do is copy and paste the appropriate code from the table above - simple! With the recent update, all of the emoticons can be sent to your chat friends and they work on all devices too! So if you are using PC, laptop or a smartphone, this is the best and safest source for Facebook Emoji emoticons! Simply find your favorite emoticon codes on our page and paste them on Facebook.

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